Hidden Newcastle

Hidden Newcastle was a photojournal I shot for the brilliant website www.photojournale.com It allowed me to concentrate on how my style of photography fit within an urban environment searching out the details and abstract views of the city.  Newcastle has such wonderful architecture and strong history still visible within it that it was easy to […]

Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes Night – a photo essay recording the annual festivities which took place at Tynemouth Cricket club to celebrate the foiling of the gun powder plot in 1605. Guy Fawkes was executed in 1605 for his part in a failed attempt to blow up the houses of Parliament during a session when the King […]

A Bann For Life

A Bann for Life charts the use and misuse of the Lower Bann river in Northern Ireland, documenting both the wildlife and the pollution which can be seen on our doorsteps. The project was carried out over a three month period from 2005 into 2006. The majority of the content comes from the stretch of […]

1 over 365

1/365 started on the 1st February 2006 and was a very successful attempt to produce one photograph every day for a year which I was proud to stand up and say I took that. Approximately 20000 miles were driven to find locations and hundreds of hours were spent developing the resultant images. Alongside this was […]