This is the first in a series images drawn from an upcoming a collection titled ‘North of Here’.

North of Here is going to be a collection of images I have taken over my years of living in and then visiting my homeland of Ireland.  These are images of the beauty and uniqueness of this small island that manages to fit in many more attractions than should be possible.  Being specific this project concentrates on the North of Ireland and its stunning coastline with equal trips across the mountains and hills that breath character and life into the land.

This image, ‘Shifting Sands’ shows the massive sand piles left when Benone Beach is cleared to make way for holiday makers.  These piles were quite giant really.  The sand is full of iron and is very supportive, so cars and other vehicles can, and do, drive the entire way along this stretch of beach right through to Downhill.  The coastline spreads further on round taking in such wonders as the Giants Causeway.  When I saw these piles I imagined it was a set of sandcastles made by none other than Finn McCool himself.

The photo had to be composed and taken quite quickly as those dark skies were bringing a huge amount of rain with them.  The Atlantic meets the Irish coastline with the most amazing results and there is little as wonderful as standing watching storms rolling into the area.

There will be more information to follow about the North of Here book shortly but hope you enjoy the teasers as they appear on here.