Coastline 1

Twenty years ago I stopped painting.  Up to that point I had spent almost every day either drawing, painting, photographing or doing something that was art related.  I studied art in every way and loved every moment of it. Then, while at college, I got burnt out on it.  The directions I could go did […]

Travel Photographer San Francisco: Midas Touch

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a spectacular sight at any time. When seen from a catamaran, directly under the bridge with the sun setting, it is just completely dreamy. The golden sun just held its head above the hills behind giving perfect streams of light from either side of the posts.  It really […]


Some evenings everything is perfect. This evening at the Grand Canyon was one of them.  The sun set beautifully, the sky was clear, the remaining light picked out the crags and crannies of the canyon sides.  It was a fantastic sight to see.  On the upper rim a fire had started earlier in the day […]

Light and Shadow

The interplay of the sun and clouds always fascinates me and I could spend hours watching the patterns dance by. This shot is from the middle of Northumberland, about ten miles outside of Kielder and five miles from Otterburn.  The clouds had been threatening to hide the sun all afternoon but it kept breaking through in […]

Cloud number 9

The cloud at the top of the image had literally rolled right over the top of me just seconds before shooting this image. It was a spectacular and unrepeatable moment on the coastline of Northern Ireland. The image is available as an A3 size print priced at £24.99 plus P&P.  5% of all print sales […]


The beauty of the last light of day compliments the soft, slow rustle of the barley as it flows in the wind. Captured in the agricultural fields of Stamfordham, Northumberland this was a stunning night.  I had watched the barley grow taller day by day as I drove past it and pegged in my mind […]

Washed Out

This is not a new image but I have been feeling a bit nostalgic going through old photographs as I back them up and clean up my hard drives. This was the first time I had went near to Holy Island, the sun was getting low, the causeway had just started to wash out and […]

Clear Nights Sky

I seem to have started having a fascination with night time photography this past year.  It all started at a couple of weddings I shot at Kirkley Hall, Northumberland, where the clear night sky was just unbelievable (see here on my wedding site). Last night I was happily lazing on the sofa when a good […]