Time to Sony up!

I am by no means a brand devotee.  In the past two years I have switched from Nikon to Fuji, prior to that I used Canon and before that Olympus (these are all digital systems by the way, my film using days go several other systems deep!).  However I honestly thought Fuji was going to stick with me for the long haul but over the past few months I have been having nagging doubts about the reliability of it for how I like to shoot. Continue reading Time to Sony up!

Colour Run, Sunderland 2014

The Colour Run at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland was a fantastic, wild event to witness.  Here are a selection of images from the day showing just some of the hilarity which happened.  It was a fantastic day to watch and looked even better to run in.

The run was finished in spectacular fashion with huge amounts of coloured paint being thrown into the air by the runners.  The video below is a timelapse of one of the throws.

Seal Pup

Today I was highly privileged to photograph a three day old seal pup at Blue Reef Aquarium, Tynemouth.  I only had a few minutes as we did not want to disturb the bonding between mother and baby as the pup fed.  The moments were very special though and I would like to thank the staff who let me get so close at such an important time.  In one or two of the images you can see the enclosure but the moments were so beautiful that I thought it was necessary to include them.

I also shot a small piece of video (forgive the wandering focus) just to show how cute the little thing was.


All right!, everyone… Band Meeting!

I recently cajoled North East based band Ambershift into letting me capture them in the process of recording material for their upcoming album.

I spent around three hours with them in the studio as they worked on laying down keyboards and guitars on a few of the tracks.  Being an avid musician myself and having spent a lot of time in recording studios it was great to be back in this type of an environment. Continue reading All right!, everyone… Band Meeting!

Event Photography with the Fuji 55-200mm lens

Recently I spent the day doing a spot of event photography at the Baltic Art Gallery, Gateshead.  The event, Public Sector HR Summit 2014 was a vibrant collection of some of the best speakers on the subject and attracted a good spread of attendees from across the country.

As far as photography is concerned it provided something else – a reason to break out the Fuji 55-200mm lens on my X-Pro1 and test not only its telephoto range but also its image stabilisation. Continue reading Event Photography with the Fuji 55-200mm lens

Fuji X-series cameras and remote flash

Admissions up front, I am mainly an available light shooter!  For my wedding photography it just works for me and makes things quick, simple and more discrete.  For nature and landscape there is already the biggest light source I could ask for so do not make use of any other lighting in these shots.

However, I have been shooting a number of portraits both personally and commercially lately which have needed extra lighting.  I am also looking at how I can add something ‘extra’ to my bride and groom portraits to make them stand out more than they already do.  The answer to all this is flash, or rather, remote flash. Continue reading Fuji X-series cameras and remote flash

Project Management for Photographers (part 2) – Project Toolbox

The first step to successful project management is to develop what I call a “project toolbox.” This is the foundation that enables us to take consistent approaches to the wildly different situations we come across in the projects we embark upon as photographers.

Your project toolbox is a standard set of tools and techniques you can use and apply again and again. Continue reading Project Management for Photographers (part 2) – Project Toolbox

No more Nikon

untitled-4307For the past four years I have been shooting with one of the most superb cameras ever made, the Nikon d700.  It’s a beast of a camera, both in size and ability but the time has come to move on.

Around 18 months ago I bought the gorgeous Fuji X-pro1 as a second camera.  It did exactly as it was supposed to.  Be light, unobtrusive amongst crowds and above all be enjoyable to shoot with.

I’ve written previously about the lenses I had for it, the 18mm and the 60mm, and how I simply wasn’t enthused by the former.

Fuji recently announced the new X-t1 and as I read hands on reviews I quickly came to realise that it was time to make some radical changes to my kit. Continue reading No more Nikon