NotOfThisEarth is the work and art of me, Stephen McCurry.
I’m Irish born (a lovely little town called Limavady) but now live in the North East of England with my beautiful wife and three beautiful little daughters who more than keep me on my toes.

I was born in the year that Elvis finally left the building, Star Wars graced the silver screen and the Apple II computer first went on sale.  My dad is an artist so I grew up with art all round me and explored as many different avenues of creation as I possibly could; from drawing and painting to sculpting, film, music and eventually photography.  I have my dear old grandmother to thank for buying me my first proper camera and an enthusiastic GCSE lecturer to thank for letting me loose on a wonderful, gadget filled darkroom.  Seeing my first photos developing really was love at first sight!

Thirty years later I am still trying to be as creative as possible and loving photography and art above all else.

My other passions in life are as diverse as possible.  I love physical exercise and martial arts – I’m a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aikido.  I adore music.  I have played guitar for even longer than I have been taking photographs and I am bang in the middle of fulfilling a long held dream of learning to play the drums.

I have travelled quite a bit but not half as much as I would like to and I love meeting and talking to new people as much as I love finding a beautifully empty beach or forest to wander through.

The Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Daft Punk and Pearl Jam are regularly found playing on my headphones.  I love super heroes, fantasy, science fiction and will always have a soft spot for Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  Books I read these days tend to be more fact than fiction though classics such as Dracula and Lord of the Rings are well loved and treasured memories.  In truth, however I grew up reading more comic books than anything else!

If someone were to feed me my ideal food I’d have either fish, Thai, salad or a really good burger.  That being said, a donut or a lemon meringue pie wouldn’t go amiss either!  If that were to be followed up by watching the Lost Boys or one of the many other vampire films I have adored through the years wouldn’t hurt either.

So that’s pretty much me.  I love life, I am enthusiastic about what I do and I give 100% to everything I commit to.