Hidden Newcastle

This is a series of images I captured of the little details on the Newcastle Quayside, the little hidden pieces and views you miss when in a hurry to get to a meeting, find your car or any of the other myriad number of things we all run towards.

Newcastle Upon Tyne is an amazingly compact city that manages to punch far above its weight.  The quayside itself has been the source of much of the growth and intrigue of the city.  It is old by modern city standards having buildings dating back over the centuries all of which have been manipulated, altered or changed to suit each generations needs.
The subtleties (or not), of these alterations lend it an ageless character.  On a still day, early morning it can seem almost serene.  Come the afternoon it is teaming with workers hurrying to and fro.  Come the evening it is one of the cities high point for nightlife with many a weary merrymaker seen stumbling, precariously along its paths.