Drew and Rach get married in College Valley, Northumberland

Truth be told, there is nowhere in Northumberland that I prefer shooting weddings than the fantastic College Valley just outside Wooler.  The mix of ruggedness, isolation and light are all magical elements that can’t be replicated.  Anytime I get contacted asking me to photograph there I do a little dance as I know it will be something extra special.

Drew and Rach certainly managed that something extra special, we got further out into the wilds of the location than usual thanks to a well spec’d wedding landrover!!  The light was just in its final hurrah of the golden hour as we got to the locations for shooting.

I like my portraits of couples to be as relaxed and enjoyable for the people in them as they can be.  I try to just get everybody relaxed and not direct if I can.  It is more important that I capture you rather than force a different perspective on to you both.

We had a hoot, the light was great and we even got to go through the fjords at high speed, all great fun and ended up with great pictures.

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