Travel Photographer San Francisco: Midas Touch

midas touch
The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a spectacular sight at any time. When seen from a catamaran, directly under the bridge with the sun setting, it is just completely dreamy.

The golden sun just held its head above the hills behind giving perfect streams of light from either side of the posts.  It really was a beautiful sight, perfectly silhouetting the massive structures of the bridge.

Being on a completely silent sailing boat aided the serenity of the moment perfectly.  Seeing this image again, I am immediately transported back to that evening and just get such a sense of calm.

The image is available as an A3 size print priced at £24.99 plus P&P.  5% of all print sales are being donated to the Alzheimer’s Society ( in the hope that one day we will not see our loved ones slip from in front of our eyes.


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