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The beauty of the last light of day compliments the soft, slow rustle of the barley as it flows in the wind.

Captured in the agricultural fields of Stamfordham, Northumberland this was a stunning night.  I had watched the barley grow taller day by day as I drove past it and pegged in my mind to re-visit when it was just ripening.  The air this evening was as soft as silk and still warm even though the sun was gone.

On the roads around Stamfordham it is quiet enough to hear a pin drop.  You can wait for hours to hear a car go past.  The birds tweeted in the dwindling light and I tried to be as still as I could myself so I could just soak up the atmosphere.

The camera was mounted on a tripod to allow a longer shutter speed to capture the movement of the barley in the image.  Trying to expose just right so I would keep the beauty of the sky and not lose the texture of the crop was a true balancing act.  All in all I managed what I wanted from the photograph and when I look at it I am immediately transported back to the stillness of the evening, which is exactly what a good photograph should achieve.

The image is available as an A3 size print priced at £24.99 plus P&P.  5% of all print sales are being donated to the Alzheimer’s Society ( in the hope that one day we will not see our loved ones slip from in front of our eyes.


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