Light and Shadow

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The interplay of the sun and clouds always fascinates me and I could spend hours watching the patterns dance by.

This shot is from the middle of Northumberland, about ten miles outside of Kielder and five miles from Otterburn.  The clouds had been threatening to hide the sun all afternoon but it kept breaking through in dramatic fashion.  I had to stop when I saw the image above, the golden seam of light picking out the hilltop while the ominous clouds lingered overhead.

This was shot on my everyday camera, a Fujifilm X30 which is of incredible quality for a compact.  No, it does not produce as huge a file as my Sony equipment but large enough for an A3 print so good to use as a daily driver.  The controls and output from it are spot on for what I want as well and it can charge up from a USB ticket in the car if need be.  Very versatile really.


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