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Twenty years ago I stopped painting.  Up to that point I had spent almost every day either drawing, painting, photographing or doing something that was art related.  I studied art in every way and loved every moment of it.

Then, while at college, I got burnt out on it.  The directions I could go did not seem very clear and the future seemed bleak.  So, I packed up my paints and brushes and moved on.  I did not look back once in those twenty years, a paintbrush was the last thing I wanted to have in my hand.

It came as a great surprise then when I decided to start drawing and sketching over the summer.  Something just made me have to start again.  This went on with various sketches and analytical drawings until a few weeks ago when I thought, damn it I need to try a painting again.  The image above is the result.

Four hours of work to go from a blank canvas to the image of St Mary’s Island, North Tyneside has left me pretty damned pleased.  It is a complete change from how I used to paint as well, more dynamic, energetic and full of life.

I deliberately restricted myself to four hours to complete it as I didn’t want it to drag on and on (it once took me eighteen months to finish a painting!).  The whole thing was painted in acrylics on a 16 x 20 inch canvas.

Hope you enjoy the image and if you have any feedback I would be more than happy to hear it.


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