Some evenings everything is perfect. This evening at the Grand Canyon was one of them.  The sun set beautifully, the sky was clear, the remaining light picked out the crags and crannies of the canyon sides.  It was a fantastic sight to see.  On the upper rim a fire had started earlier in the day […]


The beauty of the last light of day compliments the soft, slow rustle of the barley as it flows in the wind. Captured in the agricultural fields of Stamfordham, Northumberland this was a stunning night.  I had watched the barley grow taller day by day as I drove past it and pegged in my mind […]

Clear Nights Sky

I seem to have started having a fascination with night time photography this past year.  It all started at a couple of weddings I shot at Kirkley Hall, Northumberland, where the clear night sky was just unbelievable (see here on my wedding site). Last night I was happily lazing on the sofa when a good […]

Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands at Benone Beach, Northern Ireland. This was an unusual and wonderful sight.  Huge patches of sand moved by agricultural machinery to clear the road down to the beach for cars.  Northern Ireland’s sandy beaches are unusual in that they contain a lot of iron.  Due to this they can support the weight of […]

Castle Rocked

Northern Ireland is littered with beautiful beaches, stunning hillsides and wonderful cities.  It is, for me, one of the most photogenic parts of the world.  It is also blessed with having the atlantic ocean churning up against it and beautiful sunsets all of which I managed to capture in this image. Castlerock beach is one […]


Before you even manage to get turned round the corner to see the Giant’s Causeway you pass one of the most wonderful little rocky bays which sadly gets overlooked!  Were it not that it stands beside the grandness of the causeway itself this surely would be one of the most frequented spots on the Northern […]

Into the Haze

The wonders of Ireland are many but its beauty lies in the subtle textures and ruggedness of its landscape.  This image from Malin Head, the most northerly point of the island looks back inland rather than out to the Atlantic and shows to land falling off into the distance, mountains just disappearing into the haze […]

What a Difference

What a difference a minute can make.  One minute the warmth is with you, the next you are left cold. These two images (Red and Blue) were shot one after the other as the sun plunged below the horizon on the Strand Beach, Portstewart, Northern Ireland. The change in colour, saturation and warmth was breathtaking […]

The Long, Pink Grass

There is something wonderful about spending so long studying an area that you start to focus in on the details.  The larger, swathing views fall away and the true beauty of the scene can be revealed in the smaller landscapes you can pull from it. The Strand Beach, Portstewart, Northern Ireland is one of the […]

Shine On

This was the first image of mine which was published in a magazine, almost ten years ago. It achieved shot of the month in Digital Camera Magazines readers gallery. It also led to many articles being written and images being used in various publications over the past decade. The shot itself was taken on the […]

Stunning Glenveagh

Shot in stunning Glenveagh National Park, Donegal, Ireland this is one of my favourite and most ‘painterly’ photographs I have ever taken. The drive to Glenveagh leaves your jaw dropping many times as you turn corners and are presented with tabletop mountains, sweeping vistas and rugged horizons.  When you get to the area near the […]