Time to Sony up!

I am by no means a brand devotee.  In the past two years I have switched from Nikon to Fuji, prior to that I used Canon and before that Olympus (these are all digital systems by the way, my film using days go several other systems deep!).  However I honestly thought Fuji was going to […]


With the sun turning golden over the Tyne river I took the opportunity to silhouette the statue of Admiral Lord Collingwood.  I felt this created a sense of Collingwood watching over and protecting the Tyne and all that moves through it.  I liked that the masts from the ship yards and the bridge in South […]

Colour Run, Sunderland 2014

The Colour Run at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland was a fantastic, wild event to witness.  Here are a selection of images from the day showing just some of the hilarity which happened.  It was a fantastic day to watch and looked even better to run in. The run was finished in spectacular fashion with […]

Seal Pup

Today I was highly privileged to photograph a three day old seal pup at Blue Reef Aquarium, Tynemouth.  I only had a few minutes as we did not want to disturb the bonding between mother and baby as the pup fed.  The moments were very special though and I would like to thank the staff […]

No more Nikon

For the past four years I have been shooting with one of the most superb cameras ever made, the Nikon d700.  It’s a beast of a camera, both in size and ability but the time has come to move on. Around 18 months ago I bought the gorgeous Fuji X-pro1 as a second camera.  It […]

I Almost Walked Away

I never like to do things in half measures. If I can’t commit fully to it I would rather walk away from it.  That’s why, in October last year I almost walked away from photography for good. I had shot my last wedding, deliberately not taken any bookings for 2014, had planned to sell my cameras […]