Some evenings everything is perfect.

This evening at the Grand Canyon was one of them.  The sun set beautifully, the sky was clear, the remaining light picked out the crags and crannies of the canyon sides.  It was a fantastic sight to see.  On the upper rim a fire had started earlier in the day and can be seen in the photo.  The redness of the rock got heightened by the suns low height in the sky.  The contrast was stunning.

I deliberately exposed to keep the subtle highlights on the rocks.  Printed out this image is even more stunning s the details can really be poured over.  While I usually love clouds in the images I shoot this needed none and the pale blue remaining in the air just added even more to the image.

The shot was taken handheld even though the light was getting low.  I shoot as much as I can without a tripod as I prefer to travel light.  I did use a graduated filter to stop keep the exposure of the sky balanced but other than that this shot was pretty much like this straight from the camera.

It really was a highlight of a fabulous time in the USA and heralded a big change in our travelling route at the time.  Perhaps because of that this always is a watershed image to me, one that reminds me of taking control of our own destiny.

The image is available as an A3 size print priced at £24.99 plus P&P.  5% of all print sales are being donated to the Alzheimer’s Society ( in the hope that one day we will not see our loved ones slip from in front of our eyes.


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