93698I am Stephen McCurry, an artist who’s medium of choice for the past 23 years has been photography.

I was born in the late 70′s in Northern Ireland and thanks to my fathers own artistic pursuits I grew up in an art filled house constantly drawing, painting and sculpting.

While studying art in my teenage years one of my lecturers introduced me to photography and allowed me unimpeded access to ‘proper’ SLR cameras, darkrooms and black and white film. This medium and its associated equipment enthralled me and I continued using photography and working with still images throughout my education.

Pursuing my studies of art and design took me to Newcastle Upon Tyne where I raised my head as the veritable ‘enfant terrible’ challenging my lecturers abilities and worthiness to critique my work. This lead me to leave formal art education prior to achieving degree status and switch to study one of my other loves, music technology.

Art stayed in my life throughout the following years in one form or another as I threw myself into studying the martial art Aikido achieving a 2nd Degree black belt through the CUA / Shin-Gi-Tai. Throughout this period of time I completed a number of design and writing tasks and also taught myself the rudiments of web design creating various sites for myself and others.

In 2005 my wife and I left steady jobs, sold our home and went travelling throughout the United States of America, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Mexico. At this time I also changed from film cameras to digital, throwing myself whole heartedly into the revolution in photography which was taking place at the time.

I returned from travelling with over 35000 images to edit creating a unique portfolio of work some of which can be seen on the website NotOfThisEarth Photography.

The work I created during this time and since while carrying out projects such as A Bann for Life and 1/365 has been featured in many publications as well as being used in advertising and marketing work.

My background has given me a unique vision which can only be developed by spending your whole life immersed in the arts.

I am available for commercial assignments in the North East of England and worldwide.